By Andrew Starke

The Australian fine wine market has defied the global downturn and shaky local share market to deliver strong returns over the past 18 months.

According to the latest release of Langton’s Index of Australian Wines, which is compiled every two years, the secondary market value for top Australian collectables is up 64 percent, compared with a 39 percent decline in the value of the Australian Stock Exchange over the same period.

Many of Australia’s fine wines have proved a far safer bet than shares and managed funds during the last 18 months.

By comparison the international fine wine investment market, based largely on the great wines of Bordeaux, has fallen by roughly 20 percent during the same period.

Commenting on the result, Langton’s Fine Wine Principal, Andrew Caillard MW, noted: “The index shows significant premiums are paid for ultra-fine Australian wine with a strong track record of reputation and cellaring performance.”

“This of course relates to quality, resilience and intrinsic value,” he said. “Although the All Ordinaries comparison is interesting the main relevance is that the Australian secondary fine wine market is performing beyond expectations and contrary to individual perceptions.”

International fine wine enthusiasts are set to hear even more about Australia’s fine wines, with a series of Wine Australia masterclasses planned around the world based on the Landmark Australia Tutorial.

The series will start in China this September with two masterclasses to be held in Beijing and Shanghai, followed by tastings in Ireland, UK and USA later this year.

“Langton’s Classified Australian Wine Index shows underlying confidence in ultra-fine Australian wine and its intrinsic rarity,” Caillard said. “Wine buyers and collectors have gravitated towards classic, mostly red, Australian wines and vintages.”

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