As the year’s canvas is crafted towards the warmer months, Handpicked Wines are delighted to exhibit their latest creation – Moscato Oltrepo Pavese piccolo 200ml (DOC). Summer in a bottle, this 200ml offering bursts with a fragrant bouquet of white flowers and succulent fruits such as peach, apricot and orange. It is a regionally defined single varietal wine, endorsed by the Italian appellation system, passing 3000 years of Italian heritage to compliment the quintessential Australian summer afternoon.

The first of its kind in a bite-size package, Handpicked’s Moscato Piccolo is delicately sweet, aromatic and fresh on the palate, with a low alcoholic content that will appeal to those looking to have a drink or two, and not a drink too many!

Summer’s “must-have” beverage will be the perfect creative instrument, adding colourful pizzazz and a daringly playful attitude to any social setting. From poolside, picnics or cafe’s to nightclubs and bars, be it for brunch, lunch or sunset, Handpicked’s Moscato Piccolo will always satisfy in its daring and elegant style.

A wine intended for the pure and simple pleasures, Handpicked Moscato Piccolo is satisfyingly refreshing. Best enjoyed served chilled on hot summer days, or as an artistic mixer for cocktail creations such as ‘Mandarin Madness’ to delight the senses!

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