Willie Smith’s partners with Dark Mofo

09 June, 2017 by TheShout

By Andy Young

Willie Smith’s Organic Cider will be the official cider supplier for the 2017 Dark Mofo winter solstice festival.


The increasingly popular festival is expected to attract over 300,000 over the two weeks it runs for through June. 

Sam Reid, Willie Smith’s Co-Founder, said: “Dark Mofo has been enormously successful in bringing people together to celebrate all that Tasmania has to offer during winter.

“It’s only fitting that during the festival Willie Smith’s ‘Famous Hot Spiced Cider’ will also be available to help people stay warm during the festival.”

Willie Smiths Organic Cider will also have a stall at the hugely popular Dark Mofo + City of Hobart Winter Feast.  

“The Willie Smith’s team can’t wait for this awesome event every year, what it has done for Tasmania can’t be underestimated and in our books, we support anything that’s good for Tassie’, Reid added.

Dark Mofo are reciprocal sponsors of Willie Smith’s own winter event, the Huon Valley Mid-Winter Festival.  Now in its fourth year, the festival is held at the Willie Smith’s Apple Shed at Grove in the Huon Valley, Friday 14 through to the 16 July.