VENUES ARE increasingly seeking out high-quality displays, especially for sports, with CMI data indicating that a third of Australians believe that sport is best enjoyed on a big screen. These customers prioritise picture quality, peak brightness, and accurate colour, and the exemplary quality and anti-glare technology of LED displays are a great choice.

Samsung’s Pro Display range can be utilised across different touchpoints in a pubs and clubs, with a variety of display formats that help to drive footfall, engagement, revenue drivers and repeat business.

“When customers head out for a night out, they are seeking engaging, immersive entertainment experiences. The Hospitality industry has the opportunity to deliver unforgettable experiences– on vibrant large-scale LED displays that will leave a lasting impression and keep customers coming back,” said Phil Gaut,Senior Director of Display and Brand Memory, Samsung Electronics Australia.

“Sports fans will also love our large,high-quality Business TVs and digital displays – with all the action streamed throughout the venue,” enthused Gaut “With our Business TVs you can even advertise alongside the content you are playing using built-in customisable templates and our free Business TV App to promote happy hour, menu specials or trivia night”, said Gaut.

This can be supported by digital displays and Business TVs in key touchpoints throughout the venue, even outdoors. Operators are using Samsung displays for menu boards, promotions, smaller sporting games, music, artwork, trivia and any other content, wayfinding navigation and advertising. “The Pro Display range is designed to address key needs of both the patron and the publican. For patrons, our large, bright, high resolution displays help them to come together and be entertained by key sporting moments on the big screen. For publicans, they are able to display advertising material alongside streamed content – helping to drive revenue. In addition, our LED Displays are easier than ever to purchase and install,” Gaut explained.

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