Screen showing league match hanging on the outside wall of a pub, with a table of people in front.

Samsung Pro Display is helping pubs and clubs rebound by creating engaging and memorable entertainment experiences for guests.

After two forgettable years, anecdotal evidence and hard trading data is showing that patrons are returning to pubs in full force. But the last couple years have changed the venue expectations of pubgoers, who expect more than ever – particularly when it comes to the entertainment offer.

While hunkering down at home people have invested a lot in their home entertainment, and now they expect even bigger and better screen offerings when they head to the pub – particularly for sports viewing.

“There is a growing demand for high quality displays for the ultimate viewing experience. Small TVs in the corner of the pub no longer cut it,” suggests Phil Gaut, Senior Director of Display and Memory Solutions at Samsung Australia.

“The hospitality industry has the opportunity to deliver unforgettable experiences throughout a venue by using vibrant large-scale LED displays that will leave a lasting impression and keep customers coming back.”

Samsung’s multi-purpose displays can be used for sport, artwork, music, trivia and more, and thus are as adaptable as your business model can be.

The Pro Display suite

Create an unforgettable pub, club, or casino-like experience with the power of display. Samsung Pro Display helps to create a seamless end-to-end solution, combining stunning hardware with sophisticated software.

“As a global leader in the visual technology market, Samsung has applied its expertise to the full venue line-up, providing a suite of solutions that will engage and entertain your customers and help drive additional revenue opportunity,” states Gaut.

Samsung is the number one selling global digital signage brand for 13 consecutive years.i It boasts picture quality, clarity, detail and colour – and can help pubs generate revenue through a variety of uses of its screens. Think business TVs for menu boards; digital kiosks for contactless self-service; LED for streaming sport, music, artwork and any other content; signage for navigation and advertising, and durable TVs designed for outdoor entertainment and the wow factor.

Creating memorable experiences through LED display

Digital displays can do a lot to shape and influence the way a patron experiences your venue, both in obvious and subtle ways.

Sports-viewing is a major one, with the ability to show the big matches on top-quality displays a must to entice sports fans to leave the comfort of their homes. You can also win over gaming customers by dazzling them with vibrant displays for all their favourite games, making the excitement and action come alive.

Samsung’s Pro Display LED features include:

•             Customisation – An LED digital display is a customisable large screen made from multiple cabinets with millions of individual LED diodes. These displays can be custom designed and installed to suit various needs and environments. There are many options to choose from to get the right picture quality, durability and size for your needs.

•             Brilliant picture quality – Day and night, LED displays have become an important communication tool in business. LED is designed to provide brilliant visual expression with consistent visibility in variable light, even in direct sunlight and glare. Vibrant, yet natural colours deliver a true-to-life visual experience.

•             Flexibility – Regardless of size, light or configuration, LED displays have the advanced visual capability and flexibility to enhance any business environment. You can customise the size, format and picture quality to suit your budget.

•             Installation and maintenance – LED features a slim, lightweight cabinet that can be serviced from either the front or rearii for fast, space-saving installation and easy maintenance.

•             Durable – The diodes in LED displays have a long life span, delivering a brilliant picture. Select outdoor models have also been designed to operate in bright sunshine, rain and dust.iii

•             Seamless – Multiple LED cabinets can be built together to create a large sized screen with a seamless presentation.

Rebuilding confidence through interactive and outdoor displays

While pub visitation is bouncing back strongly, there is still an element of hesitancy. Put your patrons – and staff – at ease with interactive displays that allow for contactless menu ordering, like the Samsung Kiosk. A shatter protection film is designed to assist the screen to stay intact in the event of a break,iv while an antimicrobial coating helps to inhibit microbial growth of certain bacteria on select models,v to provide peace of mind.

Enhancing the appeal of outdoor spaces can also aid in attracting patrons. Maximise your venue’s performance outdoors by ensuring your message isn’t missed with bright, durable, weather-resistant LED, digital displays or Terrace Business TVs that deliver brilliant picture day and night.

There are so many ways screens can support your business – by entertaining patrons, driving extra revenue opportunities and assisting both the patron and staff experience. With so much potential driven through your displays, make sure they are of the highest quality.

Check out Samsung’s Pro Display suite today.

[i] Omdia. Consumer TVs used for signage are excluded.

[ii] Indoor all front service only except IFJ, which has front and parts rear service (power supply and main board can be accessed from the rear). Outdoor all front and rear service based on current ranging.

[iii] Not applicable to all models. Different models have different weather resistance ratings.

[iv] Limited to Kiosk Interactive Display only.

[v] Limited to select Interactive displays. To perform its antimicrobial function, select models have been treated with the biocidal substance Zinc Pyrithione. Antimicrobial property does not completely protect users against bacteria and provides no protection against viruses including Covid-19. Antimicrobial effect may vary depending on conditions of use. Antimicrobial coating on surface of screen only. Please refer to for more information. In case of an allergic reaction, seek medical assistance.

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