Heritage Lounge initiated a venture to redefine its atmosphere through a collaborative effort with Lancer Worldwide integrating Hoshizaki ice machines and refrigeration. This in-depth analysis delves into the challenges faced, the creative solutions formulated, and the all-encompassing transformation of this esteemed establishment.


Initially, the project seemed ambitious, considering the steep challenges in achieving the desired outcome. A critical hurdle was the absence of adequate space for a conventional cool room. The confined space prompted the need to carefully plan the placement of chilling units, map their connection to the keg room, and devise a strategy for seamless transitions from the keg room to the bar. The keg room’s unique location, housed in an old bank safe within the 1920s building, required intricate engineering to ensure the consistent delivery of high-quality beverages.

Design Innovation:

With a commitment to preserving the venue’s historical essence, the owner envisioned a standout theme aligned with the sophisticated architecture. Lancer Worldwide proposed a distinctive font design, inspired by the iconic pillars of the building. This heritage-themed font, bearing an ‘H’ that symbolizes the venue’s legacy, underwent a meticulous ground-up construction to eliminate sweat or condensation. The final design blended with the architectural style, leaving owner astounded.

Expansion and Collaboration:

Elevating the project further, Heritage Lounge aimed to establish itself as a Hoshizaki-centric site. The collaboration extended beyond beer and postmix to include refrigeration solutions. The owner expressed additional needs, leading to the incorporation of Lancer refrigeration reach-ins and Hoshizaki ice makers throughout the bars. This comprehensive approach complemented the venue’s exquisite cocktail menu.

Secondary Build – Reboot:

The success of Heritage Lounge paved the way for a secondary build – Reboot, a Japanese-style restaurant which integrated at the back of Heritage Lounge. This expansion into fine dining prompted the need for additional ice machines and refrigeration, a testament to the successful partnership and the exceptional performance of the installed equipment.


The collaboration between Lancer Worldwide and Hoshizaki transformed Heritage Lounge into a beacon of legacy and sophistication. The project not only overcame spatial challenges but also delivered a bespoke design that aligned seamlessly with the venue’s historical significance. The successful execution and subsequent expansion into Reboot underscore the effectiveness of Lancer Worldwide and Hoshizaki in creating unique and enduring hospitality experiences.

The Shout Team

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