The Antea 50.

Quiet, efficient and safe, the Comac range of floor scrubbers is suited to venues of all descriptions.

It’s one of the oldest sayings in hospitality: time to lean, time to clean. Yet cleaning is often a taxing, time-consuming job in itself, eating into hours that staff and operators could be using to greet and serve patrons, or think up new ideas for the menu.

Thankfully, the Comac range of floor scrubbers provides the ideal solution, increasing productivity and greatly reducing the time spent cleaning venue floors.

There are different options for different budgets and venues. The Antea 50 is an easily manoeuvrable walk-behind cleaner, with compact dimensions that are perfect for getting into the nooks and crannies of any pub floor. It’s also well-suited to wider spaces, with the capability of cleaning up to 1,250 square metres.

The Innova 55, a ride on top floor scrubber-drier is ideal for larger pubs, with the machine capable of cleaning and maintain floors up to 3,080 square metres. Operators will not have to spend precious hours training staff either, with the Innova 55 an easy to operate machine, featuring an intuitive steering wheel design and smooth handling of corners with a turning circle of just 1,540mm.

Across both models, users are able to switch brush head types to suit different floor materials, ensuring optimal results, every time. For those operators with specific needs, accessories are available to further increase productivity and enhance cleanliness.

For accommodation providers, the Comac models have a quiet ‘eco-mode’, meaning that staff can clean overnight, safe in the knowledge they will not disturb the sleep of their guests.

And with hospitality operators facing increased costs across the board, the Antea 50 and the Innova 55 both offer efficiency savings – with precise cleaning liquid and water measuring tools minimising waste, while an automatic ‘stop & go’ system instantly halts operation when the machine is idling – preventing loss of solution and needless wear on the brush heads.

Comac cleaners are also safe. In-built squeegees and drying mechanisms prevent slippery wet floors that could cause injury. Both models use battery power, removing the need for any clumsy cables that staff or patrons might trip over.

The cleaners also feature emergency buttons that immediately stop the machine in case of an accident. Mechanism and parts are self-contained within the machines, greatly reducing the chance of accidental damage or breakage.

With the Comac range, messy mops, unsightly cleaning trollies and potentially dangerous cables are a thing of the past. Operators can also rest assured they are in the hands of cleaning experts, as Comac have been providing specialist cleaning solutions since 1974.

Visit the Godfreys Website to learn more about which Comac model would be perfect for your venue.

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