Creating the right atmosphere is fundamental to your restaurant’s success, and good quality audio is a key ingredient in delivering an immersive, enjoyable atmosphere for patrons, whether they’re at the reception, dining indoors or outdoors, or at the bar service area.

Your venue should become an escape for your patrons and poor-quality audio that is difficult to hear can disrupt and shortcut socializing and the enjoyment of a meal and drinks.

Whether it be an intimate small bar, restaurant, café, or pub, state-of-the-art audio systems have the power to bring your venue to life, gain a competitive advantage and deliver a better, more memorable customer experience.

“Most of the additional spending resulting from complementary music went toward the drink bill, which increased by as much as 51%!”(1)

Why Outdoor dining during these times?

Outdoor dining is up to 20 times safer than indoor dining.​​ A study has shown the chance of transmitting or contracting COVID-19 indoors was nearly 20 times higher than outdoors. (2)

Stay in control of your space and welcome patrons to dine outdoors.​ Outdoor dining is the preferred method of service post-outbreak according to State Government advice. This gives businesses a chance to recover from the impacts of COVID-19 coming into the summer months. 

71% of customers think playing background music creates a better atmosphere in bars and restaurants. (3)

The Jands portfolio of world-leading brands such as Electro-Voice, Apart, and Community provides background and foreground music options to suit every budget. ​​

Jands solutions are designed specifically to withstand the outdoor elements. ​​We’re here to help you choose the perfect solution to create a memorable customer experience. ​

Find out more here and contact Jands today.

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