While the food and drink bring people into a restaurant or bar, the overall experience is what keeps customers coming back. Customer service, comfort and atmosphere all encourage customers to spend more and to return time and time again.

Just as you design the flow and furnishing of your venue to increase customer comfort and enjoyment, the audio experience can be customised across a complete venue to encourage longer visits, increased spend and enjoyment – leading to return visits.

With 75 years of audio innovation and global leadership under their belt, JBL’s comprehensive bar and restaurant audio solutions allow venues to differentiate themselves, delivering the right audio experience in every space – whether it’s a classy dining experience, a bustling sports bar or a function space that accommodates everything from performers to corporate functions. With industry-leading, simple-to-use technology solutions, JBL delivers unique entertainment experiences for every zone, whilst being easy to operate and manage.

A recent installation by Prestige Group at “Cali Beach” – a first-of-its-kind, open-air beach club, benefited from MadisonAV’s specialised design services and JBL Professional’s wide range of weatherised loudspeakers with high levels of pattern control.

The client wanted to provide customers with a memorable live entertainment and DJ experience by delivering the same audio experience and atmosphere that you would encounter in an indoor nightclub or bar. However, the venue presented several unique challenges. Being located on a rooftop with overlooking residential buildings and no walls or roof to contain noise meant that audio design, very tight pattern control, and speaker selection would play a critical role. Whilst environmentally, being open to the elements and near salt water would require a robust suite of products.

The range of weatherised loudspeakers selected for the project are delivering the audio outcomes desired by the client, thanks to the 3D modelling process which enable accurate product selection. Cali Beach partner Matthew Keegan is quick to praise both the sound and the installation. “We’ve been very happy with JBL,” he said. “It’s been an extremely smooth experience dealing with both Prestige and MadisonAV. They were tasked with something that was pretty challenging, and we’re very happy with the results.”

In Australia, the team of MadisonAV resident audio experts simplify the process of designing an audio system that is specifically suited to the needs and acoustic environment of your venue. Trained JBL specialists have access to smart design tools that help to pair the right products with your acoustic environment, after taking the time to understand what you’d like to achieve in each space. You may need to consider the audio experience of patrons moving between indoor and outdoor seating, or have a practical requirement for public announcements, or a subtle atmosphere for diners. Or perhaps you need to improve the ability for your staff to control audio across multiple zones with ease. For an obligation-free consultation, contact MadisonAV or connect@madisonav.com.au.

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