The Liquor Marketing Group (LMG) is today rolling out its new marketing platform across its Bottlemart and SipnSave stores, and it’s a campaign that aims to emphasise the group’s promise of being ‘better than yesterday’.

The new platform was unveiled to LMG members, suppliers and invited guests at the group’s national conference in Hawaii last week with ‘There’s More in Store’ being the tagline behind the new platform.

However, in announcing the program LMG’s Head of Marketing Ben Slocombe said this was more than just a tagline; this is an integrated campaign that brings the whole group together, puts members first and tells the story of what the brand promise is for Bottlemart and SipnSave.

Slocombe said: “If we are going to tell people our story, what are we going to say? It is a highly competitive liquor retail world that we live in, it’s a difficult world that we live in, and it can be hard to find growth. So, what’s the most compelling thing we can say?”

He explained that research shows the three critical factors driving why someone shops where they do: price, range and location or service.

“When we looked at the most compelling thing we can say, we knew we had to be talking a good game across all three of these factors, because it is very difficult for anyone in this competitive retail market to just win on one alone.”

He added: “We came up with the campaign, which we have had independently tested and the research company came back to us and said ‘you guys are on to something fantastic here. That gave us the confidence that we are on the right track and that we have got something special to invest behind.

“What does ‘there’s more in store’ mean? The new platform there’s more in store rationally says to people that we are going to always have them covered. We are going to have more deals, we are going to have more service, we are going to have more friendly staff, more convenience. Anything you need, we are going to have you covered.

“But it’s also an idiom because it also means we have got more in store coming for the shoppers, we have got something more for you, we are going to be more innovative, there’s something around the corner. There’s more in store is a very powerful message for us.

“For retailers this is also a great message for those important occasions throughout the year, there’s more in store for Christmas, there’s more in store for Mother’s Day, there’s more in store for footy finals, you can see how we can apply it and just how versatile this is for you as retailers.”

There is clear excitement within the whole group about the new campaign and what it means for, and how it helps members, but also what it offers to shoppers and suppliers.

The campaign will be visible across multiple touchpoints including national TV & video on demand. There will also be a strong digital and social media presence as well as large format outdoor advertising banners, located in key positions around stores to help members get the message to shoppers. In addition there will also be press and radio advertising, lots of messaging through catalogues, especially in the run up to Christmas as ‘There’s More in Store’ launches today across Bottlemart and SipnSave locations.

See the new TVC here:

Andy Young

Andy joined Intermedia as Editor of The Shout in 2015, writing news on a daily basis and also writing features for National Liquor News. Now Managing Editor of both The Shout and Bars and Clubs.