For cocktail-makers, whether at home or behind the bar, it can be a challenge to find consistently high quality options that provide both reliability and a premium experience.

This is where DeKuyper ® Liqueurs stands apart. The number one liqueur brand in the world, DeKuyper ® is backed by over 325 years of distilling experience. The brand has a wide range of liqueurs and spirits perfect for any backbar or home bar collection.

DeKuyper’s ® ambition is to make great drinks easy. The Dutch producer, which was founded in 1695, wants to ‘democratise’ cocktails by providing everything you need to create compelling classics and delicious modern twists.

And with over half of Australians stating they like to experiment with drinking cocktails when they go out*, there is a large market of engaged drinkers for venues of all descriptions to tap into.

Liqueurs in this range are made with natural botanicals and traditionally produced, hand-crafted distillates. Flagship products include: Curacao Triple Sec (a must for any Margarita); Crème de Cafe (which makes an exceptional Espresso Martini), and Blue Curaçao (perfect for all manner of colourful Tiki drinks).

The brand’s acclaimed range of fruit liqueurs in popular flavours such as Passionfruit, Watermelon and Wild Strawberry, are made by using the finest fresh ingredients. These liqueurs allow for an easy way to mix to classic drinks such as the Mojito or Daiquiri, or for bartenders to produce their own imaginative creations.

DeKuyper’s ® products are also ranked highly by experts from around the world, with the brand being named Liqueur Producer of the Year by the International Spirits Challenge four times in a row.

For more information on how DeKuyper ® can be your premium cocktail partner, contact your William Grant & Sons representative 02 9409 5100

*Source: CGA Monthly On Premise Consumer Pulse Report February 2023

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