Every year for more than a decade, drinkers have been coming together on the third Saturday of May to celebrate everything and anything to do with whisky.

World Whisky Day is about fun and exploration, no matter what your tastes or level of whisky knowledge. It’s about bringing awareness to the potential of whisky, showing new and established drinkers alike what possibilities are behind the spirit.

For new drinkers though, getting into whisky can seem a bit daunting at first glance, especially for Scotch. It’s one of the biggest whisky segments in the country, backed by centuries of tradition and expertise. In recent years Australia finally became a top 10 market for Scotch globally, according to the Scotch Whisky Association, which shows how well loved it already is on our shores.

An easily approachable entry point for the new Scotch consumer is Grant’s Whisky. It has everything that established drinkers love – heritage, versatility and a quality spirit – but it’s also priced competitively to attract new consumers who are curious about the category.

It’s also got wide ranging availability, which boosts accessibility – Grant’s is the third largest Scotch whisky brand by volume in Australia, and the third largest Scotch whisky brand globally. It’s the name above the door at William Grant & Sons, and has stood the test of time at such growth levels for a good reason.

“Grant’s is one of the original Scotch whisky brands, and an essential brand to stock to appeal to new and value whisky consumers,” says Emily Prochazka, Brand Manager for Grant’s at William Grant & Sons.

One of the interesting points of difference about Grant’s Whisky is its production. In Australia, shoppers can enjoy Grant’s Triple Wood Blended Scotch Whisky, which is matured in three different types of wood that impart distinct qualities to the whisky. Virgin Oak cask provides spicy robustness, American Oak lends subtle vanilla smoothness and Bourbon refill offers brown sugar sweetness, resulting in a smoother, richer, mellower taste. As the Grant’s mantra goes, ‘two barrels make it good, the third makes it Grant’s!’

The smooth, rich and mellow qualities make Grant’s Triple Wood Blended Scotch Whisky perfect for pairing with cola, which is often the first way a consumer will try a blended whisky. . They also provide the high quality cues that allow easy enjoyment on the rocks, as the consumer grows and develops their taste for the whisky category.

With World Whisky Day right around the corner on 20 May, now is the time to be preparing your venue for the occasion by stocking up on Grant’s.

For more information on Grant’s, contact your William Grant & Sons representative. Phone: (02) 9409 5100

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