By Vanessa Cavasinni, editor Australian Hotelier

The inaugural Pub Grub Festival will launch on 9 September, showcasing Adelaide’s pub cuisine.

South Australia’s capital will be getting one more celebratory event, with Josh O’Shaughnessy, creating the event to highlight the quality of pub cuisine in Adelaide.

“Having worked with pubs and hotels for the last few years, I have always been impressed with the standard of pub grub being served.

“I wanted to create an event that could showcase the quality of pub grub and remind people why they need to be checking out what Adelaide’s pubs and hotels have to offer.”

Pubs taking part in the festival are known for their food offerings, and include Gilbert Street Hotel, Saracens Head Hotel, Oxford Hotel, Publishers Hotel, The Lady Daly, Prince Albert Hotel and Seven Stars Hotel.

Grant Murray, owner of the Oxford Hotel, hopes that the festival will help broaden people’s concepts of what pub food can be.

“We all love a schnitty and a great burger from time to time, but many of us now want to be recognised for offering so much more, whether that be dishes that rival those of some our most acclaimed restaurants, or Asian inspired street food.”

Mandy Collins, director of The Lady Daly agrees, stating that with people’s changing diets, pub food has had to change too. Alongside the pub’s favourites, The Lady Daly will be showcasing vegan and gluten-free options at the festival.

The Pub Grub Festival will take over Victoria Square for the day, and will also include live music, bean bags, picnic rugs, kids’ entertainment and a ‘chill-out zone’ for families. Major sponsors Woodstock Wine and Vale Ale will also be spruiking their beverages.

For publican Tim Ricketts of Seven Stars Hotel, the festival is a great chance to reach more people outside of the venue’s regular patrons.

“We love the ability to showcase our food to a wider audience. We’ve already got a strong base of loyal regulars but exposure to a big crowd of pub-loving punters is an opportunity we couldn’t miss.”

Collins agrees, stating: “[It will] let people know where we are, and more importantly, who we are – an independent, family owned and operated business, who love to drink, eat and laugh amongst friends and family.”

Luke Saturno, general manager of Gilbert Street Hotel, is happy to be a part of the festival, and believes it’s this kind of activation that is required to promote pubs as a great place to eat.

“It seems like we’ve lost a lot of love with the State Government and the Adelaide City Council – they’re all for small bars and pop-ups, and think that they’re the only ones that bring life to this city. So it’s great to have an event that recognises pubs.”

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