The Australian Hotels Association of Western Australia (AHA WA) is joining a WA Government-led expedition to the UK and Ireland, hoping to sell hospitality workers on the job opportunities and lifestyle of WA. 

AHA WA CEO Bradley Woods believes the time has never been better for British and Irish workers to come to Western Australia. 

 “Put simply, there has never been a stronger case for British, Irish and Scottish workers to migrate to WA and take advantage of the thousands of jobs on offer in WA’s hospitality industry,” Woods said. 

“With an incredible standard of living, the proposition of moving to WA virtually sells itself, but the AHA will be on the ground to promote the benefits of working in our world-class hotels, pubs, bars, taverns and restaurants.”

AHA WA’s campaign is part of a wider WA Government eight-day mission to the UK (beginning on 25 February), where the organisations hope to recruit to fill some of the 31,000 job vacancies in the state. 

A government statement provided further details on the potential financial and lifestyle benefits of a switch to WA. 

“WA salaries are often more than 50 per cent higher than the average English salary for the same occupation,” the statement read.

“Compared to the UK and Ireland, WA boasts significant lifestyle advantages including a lower cost of living. Perth alone offers around 3,200 hours of sunshine annually.”

In particular, AHA WA will be promoting, a platform to advertise tourism and hospitality jobs in the state.

“Our message is simple – if there are British and Irish workers looking for a job, a change of scenery or even looking for love, WA is the place to be,” Wood continues. 

“From stronger job security to lower energy costs, there are countless reasons why WA is the best place in the world for those looking for a new home.”

“In 2012, the AHA led a highly successful delegation to Ireland, resulting in countless workers relocating to work in WA’s hospitality industry, many of whom are still here today.”

AHA WA also provided the case study of Alexis Mazroui, a Working Holiday Maker now employed at Gage Roads Brewing Company in Fremantle. See the video below. 

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