It’s clear the craft beer category is going from strength to strength, but what sort of patrons are driving the momentum, and how can pubs capitalise on this?

Researcher CGA asked around 3,000 nationally representative Australian consumers about their beer habits in order to shed light on craft’s appeal.

CGA found that in Australia, craft beer drinkers are more likely to be younger and more affluent than non-craft beer drinkers. In good news for pubs, these young, affluent craft beer drinkers are also highly engaged with the On Premise.

70 per cent visit hospitality venues weekly, compared to 60 per cent of average beer drinkers – highlighting a lucrative consumer segment for operators to tap into.

According to CGA, pub patrons are prepared to spend more across all formats for craft beer when compared to domestic alternatives – at least 25 per cent more on average across all craft formats – draught pint, can or bottle.

Craft beer drinkers also typically spend more on eating and drinking out than the average beer drinker – $284 vs $220 per month, and they also have a household income that is 18 per cent higher.

“The shift towards craft represents a significant opportunity, with craft beer drinkers spending more time and money in the On Premise,” CGA says. 

So what else is common to craft beer drinkers? Not surprisingly, they are quite specific in their perceptions on what defines the category.

Want to keep reading? Read the rest of the article below in the December-January issue of Australian Hotelier.

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