Now with integrated Facial Recognition, AusComply’s mobile digital incident register (DIR) and compliance platform helps customers efficiently meet their legislative obligations, demonstrate a culture of compliance, and minimise risks. AusComply has put compliance management in the palm of your hand with a powerful and easy to use mobile application.

Compliant with both liquor and security legislation, AusComply eliminates the need for paper-based registers and the double entry of information. AusComply can be accessed anywhere on any device to make monitoring activity and real time analytics a breeze.

Fully integrated checklists and sign on registers means there’s no need for endless paper floating around the office. AusComply streamlines your compliance workflow.

Our end-to-end system has all the features you need to capture incidents, manage reporting, analyse results, eliminate books, minimise risks and save yourself time, money, and hassle.

Real-time reporting means venues can be assured that data is accurate, timely and detailed capturing incidents when and where they happen, with the help of date/time stamps and consistent pre-configured descriptions.

The system integrates complex legislation, regulations and includes more than 115 incident categories. Enter data once, eliminating the need for duplication and complexity copies.

The system also tracks individual and venue compliance documents and expiry dates such as liquor licenses, plans of management, security licences, council approvals, RSA licenses and many more.

Demonstrate your culture of compliance and good housekeeping practices by capturing preventative and proactive actions such as, toilet checks, RSA walkthroughs, ID checks, perimeter patrols, neighbourhood amenity checks, decibel readings and more.

AusComply now fully integrates the power of the world’s leading facial recognition technology. Using your existing IP based CCTV. Our technology identifies troublemakers with unmatched accuracy and speed replacing the need for outdated ID scanning technology or the need to actively monitor your CCTV. Working autonomously 24/7 with no breaks or days off, venues can be assured they possess the latest and best harm minimisation technology available to maximise patron and venue safety.

By replacing ID scanners with AusComply technology, the check-in process will be accelerated, and patron experience improved. With advanced privacy screening, AusComply facial recognition is compliant with the latest GDPR legislations.

Including cloud based watchlists, MVSE, barred from one, barred from all, and custom shareable watchlists, venues can be assured their venue is protected and compliant with customisable notifications and automatic incident creation.

With venues large and small, groups of all sizes and thousands of users, you can be assured our team can support your team and operations. With more than 5 million incidents recorded so far and a six nine’s up time (99.9999%), AusComply is with you 24/7 as is our 1300 help line.

Call 1300 22 66 75 or visit our website for more information

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