The May issue of Australian Hotelier is the first edition of the magazine to go digital-only.

As the pub trading landscape has had to adapt to restrictions, so has Australian Hotelier. For the first time in its 30+ year history, Australian Hotelier has released its first digital-only edition.

New audio and video features have been included in the issue, including in-feature video content, and an audio introduction to our main feature ‘The Lifeblood of the Community’ by editor Vanessa Cavasinni. Expect to see more of these features in further issues of the magazine.

This month’s issue of the magazine is a celebration of the pub industry in what is undoubtedly it’s toughest challenge in generations. In a time of bad news, this issue celebrates the ingenuity, perseverance and innate hospitable nature of operators who are doing what they can to get through the current pandemic crisis.

Inside this issue you’ll find a feature on how pubs provide communities with more than just cold beer, but are in fact the hub of those places. We also look at pubs that adapted quickly to trade restrictions, changing up their business model. In celebrating the business nous of publicans themselves, this issue profiles publican Simone Douglas, who places the social side of hotels above all else; and publican Kasie Ferguson takes us through what a day at her pub looks like now .

You can read through the issue here.

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