Read the July issue of Australian Hotelier, in full, online.

There was some fascinating news out this month about beer’s $16.5bn contribution to Australia’s economy. While there’s much more to our thriving pub scene than beer, these stats show what a pivotal role our pubs play both in the sense of social and community values, but also our central importance to the wider economy too. Read the story on page six.

On the topic of ringing the tills, we explore the latest POS and OpTech developments that means cash registers are increasingly central to operations. Discover the full feature from page 10.

Elsewhere this issue we have all the latest beer news from Australia and beyond, from page 14, plus our pales and ales focus from page 18.

In our regular Design and Build feature from page 20, we reveal the stunning redesign of The Shoreline Hotel in Tasmania to match its top-pedigree chef.

Over in our Tales From The Top interview on page 26, we speak with recruitment specialist Amber King to tackle the perennial issues around staffing.

There’s also your top sport picks on page 24 and the latest news shaping the industry from page 6.

Cheers and have a great month.

Read the July issue of Australian Hotelier, in full, online.

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