Australian Venue Co. (AVC) has launched its own retail media network, AVC Experience+, which will give its partners access to up to 15 million patrons annually across a national portfolio of more than 200 venues.

Through AVC Experience+, the group’s partners can get access to multiple digital marketing avenues, leveraging AVC’s annual digital customer interactions of 30 million+ website views, 365 million+ organic social impressions, 2.29 million+ eDM recipients, and 102 million+ impressions via The Pass loyalty app and digital ordering platform me&u.

Those partners can also complement their digital media presence with in-venue activations, customer experiences and visual branded assets, ensuring the rollout of strategic campaigns that maximise consumer touchpoints. AVC Experience+ is led and managed by an in-house team, with support from the broader Digital and Experience teams and oversight from AVC Chief Experience Officer Marianne Mewett (pictured left).

“AVC Experience+ offers something unique: front-row access to an attentive and receptive audience when they are in their cultural and social comfort zone: eager to engage, hyped to explore, and poised to embrace new brand experiences,” Mewett said.

“Increasingly, there is an expectation for brands to actively engage, connect, and integrate into the cultural landscape of their consumers’ lives. The extraordinary point of difference of AVC Experience+ is that it helps brands deliver relevant content to consumers at a unique point of culture, enhancing salience and driving top-of-mind awareness.”

With 219 venues to tap into across Australia, AVC Experience+ allows brands to target specific locations, demographics, patron preferences and behaviours that suit their products and goals, rather than blanket marketing. For example, they could target a particular region, or patrons of sports bars, more family-focused venues, etc.

Mewett suggests that blending of a digital campaign and activations will make for a strategy that resonates.

“AVC Experience+ invites brands to think big and act bold with digital campaigns that are integrated with on-site customer experiences, such as feature bars, booth takeovers, venue activations, and sampling experiences, supported with high-impact, strategically placed branded visuals, including posters, coasters and umbrellas.

“Picture the visually explosive, powerfully effective strategy of commandeering every AVC outdoor umbrella at a venue, across a state, or even nationwide for a seasonal campaign that integrates with digital media to elevate brand fame and maximise return and value.”

Beverage partners are already coming on board with campaigns within AVC Experience+, with Mewett suggesting there’s scope for partners in other sectors such as film, sporting and recreation, fashion, tourism, dating and in-home entertainment.

Via The Pass app and other databases, AVC has access to more than six million first-party data profiles.

Vanessa Cavasinni

Vanessa Cavasinni is the managing editor of Australian Hotelier and Club Management, trade publications for the pub and club sectors respectively. Vanessa has been at the helm of Australian Hotelier since...

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