Australian Venue Co (AVC) has partnered with data-driven guest experience platform SevenRooms across its 155 venues nation-wide.

The SevenRooms platform, which has hospitality partners around the world, recently launched in Australia and already counts the likes of Momento Hospitality and SkyCity Entertainment among its clientele. AVC is the latest major Australian hospitality operation to jump on board with the tech, and are expected to have it up and running across its portfolio by the end of the year.

The suite of tools includes including reservation, waitlist and table management, reputation management and marketing automation, to create a customised profile and experience for each patron.

“With a portfolio that spans the country, Australian Venue Company is renowned for providing exceptional guest experiences,” said Paul Hadida, GM Australia at SevenRooms.

“The ongoing pandemic has heightened the importance of data and technology as the foundation on which operators can build brand loyalty. AVC understands this and is empowering its broad portfolio of venues with the tools they need to drive growth in this new era for hospitality. We are excited to be partnering with such an innovative, forward-thinking company that is pushing the boundaries of outstanding customer service.”

Tailoring the experience

AVC CEO Paul Waterson said the group was delighted to partner with SevenRooms to further offer a bespoke level of service at each of its venues, regardless whether it’s a suburban local or a more high-end restaurant offering.

“SevenRooms specialise in creating tailored experiences, which will be really beneficial both to our business, but also our regular customers,” stated Waterson.

“The platform intuitively builds detailed customer profiles over a series of visits, allowing us to understand more about the individual needs of our guests and in turn offer a more genuine and personalised experience.  Our staff are able to add tags to customer profiles such as dietary requirements or wine preference, allowing us to elevate our customer service and provide personalised marketing communications.”

As a multi-venue operation, another large part of the appeal of the platform for AVC was the ability to cross-sell among venues.

“The data capabilities of SevenRooms were very appealing to our business, particularly the ability to keep bookings within our portfolio through the cross-sell function.  For a group the size of AVC, automated cross selling is a very powerful tool.  If a customer is trying to make a booking at College Lawn in Melbourne for example and we are at capacity, they will automatically be offered a reservation at a sister venue within our portfolio via the customer-facing booking widget.”

Check out an interview with Paul Hadida of SevenRooms in the current issue of Australian Hotelier to find out more on using data to enhance the customer experience – and how that is such a critical tool in helping venues win back repeat business during COVID.

Image: Facebook/College Lawn Hotel

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