The Light Brigade in Sydney’s east has unveiled its new level one restaurant, Subida.

Subida is a pintxos and tapas bar that promises a fun and casual Spanish cuisine experience – a change from the more upscale restaurant that was introduced in early 2016, along with the cocktail bar on the second floor, and the rooftop bar.

Kaine Bayfield, COO of Bayfield Hotels, explained that the change in restaurant offering was made in response to patron preferences.

“When we opened the lounge and rooftop in 2016, they proved to be very popular destinations within our four-level pub, and when they reached capacity, customers were looking for a social atmosphere, somewhere fun and casual to eat, and less committal than the previous fine dining restaurant.  So ‘Subida’ meaning to ‘rise’ or ‘climb’ was created to meet the changing needs of our locals, the name also reflecting the wall art ‘climbing’ up the stairwell to reveal the level one restaurant.”

Head chef Justin Schott has put together a menu of small starter snacks, pintxos, as well as tapas and sweets. There is also a drinks list of Spanish and Australian wines, along with Spanish-inspired cocktails, such as the Stealth Margherita and Paloma.

“My love for Spanish food stems from several trips to different areas, such as San Sebastian, Barcelona, Madrid, Valencia. I love the style of eating, how casual it is, how easy it is, how clean the flavours are, and how delicious everything is. At Subida we want to bring all these experiences to life for our guests. We want to create memories of Spain and present them in our own contemporary way,” stated Schott.

The décor also adds to the vibrant and casual atmosphere, courtesy of a curatorial program developed by China Heights gallery in Surry Hills. Art murals in bold colours and patterns adorn the walls, and were created by Sydney-based artists Nadia Hernandez and Brett Chan.

Subida launched last Friday 24 November.

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