In what has been labelled as freak accidents, two bulls were injured at the annual rodeo at Eatons Hill Hotel in Brisbane, and had to be euthanised at the event.

This is the seventh annual rodeo to be held at Eatons Hill Hotel, and the only one to have such an incident occur. The rodeos are wildly popular at the Moreton Bay region pub and are held on the lawn between the pub and the newly built accommodation hotel.

In a statement, Rob Comiskey, director of the Comiskey Group said that arena surface had been deemed safe, and that everyone at the hotel was saddened by the turn of the events.

“The rodeo operators and staff of Eatons Hill Hotel are extremely saddened by the tragic accidents involving two animals at the recent annual rodeo.

“The two bulls were injured in freak incidents early in the evening’s programme. A vet was onsite to treat both animals immediately. The RSPCA was also called and attended.”

Comiskey continued: “Representatives from the National Rodeo Association inspected the arena surface and declared it safe, commenting that the two incidents were freak accidents.”

“We are saddened by these tragic accidents and our thoughts are with the rodeo operators, who treat these prized animals like much-loved pets.

“No animal has ever been injured in this event’s seven-year history.”

RSPCA investigations into the incident are ongoing, RSPCA Queensland CEO, Mark Townend, has called for the sport to be banned regardless of the outcome of this particular investigation.

“I believe we are breeding a bogan society with people getting  thrills out of seeing animals killed, maimed or injured all under the banner of entertainment or sport.”

Australian Hotelier contacted the operators of the rodeo, Xtreme Rodeo Productions, but had not heard back at the time of publication.

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