Cali Beach is a brand new multi-faceted rooftop venue located on a Gold Coast high rise. The first-of-its-kind open-air beach club located four floors up in the heart of Surfers Paradise opened its doors in September with a footprint of more than 5000 sqm.

This new style of venue development boasts four pools, a beach volleyball court, several bars, and outdoor deck areas and cabanas – all with ocean views.

Cali Beach is also a night-time party and entertainment hub, and offers multiple dining options, a DJ area, and an outdoor cinema.

“We have DJs booked every single weekend, and a superior audio-visual offering as well. The upbeat party atmosphere is something else under the stars,” says Matthew Keegan, a partner in Artesian Hospitality, the owner and operator of the venue.

It’s more than an adult party venue, though, according to Keegan. “Sound is critical for a venue like this. When you’re so focused on live entertainment and acts, and operating right throughout the day, you need to have a fantastic sound. That’s what resonates with customers.”

Artesian Hospitality operates half a dozen Gold Coast’s nightclubs and restaurants, so Keegan understood the audio challenges that would be involved in running open-air parties in the middle of a high-rise precinct.

“We have neighbours right at our doorstep but no walls or rooves that traditionally assist in containing noise, so we had to work very hard from an acoustic engineering perspective.

Given the crucial role sound would play in the equation, and in light of the elevated, open-air environment, Artesian also needed a solution that could be relied on to perform even when subjected to winds, salt air and high levels of competing noise.

“The brief to Prestige Group, who were our AV consultants on this job, was that we wanted to take the experience you can typically expect inside a venue, for example in a nightclub or in a bar atmosphere, and have that same experience here in an outdoor environment.”

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