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Most pub operators are hesitant to have too much cash floating around for reasons of security, and yet having enough cash available for patrons to dispense – through ATMs and CRTs – is vital to keep patrons spending money. So getting the right proportions of cash and non-cash systems in your venue is important to get trade absolutely right.

Australian Hotelier asked some industry players where they stood on the cash v cashless debate.

For cashless systems

The more that noncash options are used, the better for us. This is because they greatly decrease the chance of mistakes being made, improve efficiencies in the bar, and make it much easier to reconcile your takings. The pros of not having to hold so much cash on your premises is an obvious win also.” Ben Stephens, Operations Manager, Solotel.

OneTab is a secure mobile payments app that allows patrons of hospitality venues to open, share, and close tabs securely in real time via their mobile phone. For users, the benefits are that it’s totally secure, no more handing over your credit card at the bar; and you can track all orders in real time, so there’s no more disputed bills. For venues, they get to spend time serving drinks, not opening and closing tabs, plus you have access to valuable data about your patrons’ behaviours and spending patterns.” Ben Cross, OneTab.

For cash

Cash is King. Consumers want options – they want to be able to have access to cash 24/7. If you are a gaming venue and operate TITO/card or tag, players want to have the option to redeem [winnings] for cash. All patrons want to know is: if they need to withdraw money, there is a facility that can provide this; if they win on EGMs, that they are going to get paid.” Roxanne Costello, Banktech.

“Cashless payment is expensive, often costing your venue a large percentage of each sale and becoming a massive hit to your bottom line. With the myriad of payment options available these days, the simplicity, convenience and cost effectiveness of cash is sometimes overlooked. Cash remains the cheapest, most secure and most universally accepted form of payment.” Paul Wrigley, Managing Director of Dash ATM.

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