The Night Time Industries Association today announced that its Check.Check.Check campaign will be extended to launch in Melbourne in order to support consumers and venues as the city reopens.

The campaign has been embraced by the Sydney hospitality community, government and punters alike. Over 100 venues including Bungalow 8, the Lansdowne, Earl’s Juke Joint and Continental Deli have joined the campaign, which promotes good consumer behaviour when going out to keep COVID in check.

NSW Minister Stuart Ayers has recognised the importance of the campaign stating: “2020 has changed the world around us, it doesn’t mean we can’t enjoy our favourite forms of entertainment but it does mean our behaviours have to adapt and be more COVID safe. The Check, Check, Check, campaign is all about reinforcing those new normal behaviours that help reduce the spread of COVID, keeps us safe and allows us to safely enjoy the things we know and love.”

Chair of the NTIA, Michael Rodrigues said: “At long last Victoria is opening up and locals who have suffered a long lockdown can enjoy hospitality again. But we need to make sure that punters and venues are protected as things start to open up again. This means stopping any missteps such as we saw in early July here in Sydney which was what prompted us to launch the Check.Check.Check campaign. It’s a partnership this – both venues and punters need to learn new behaviours and embrace them fast.”

The expansion of the Check.Check.Check campaign into Victorian has been made possible with funding from Spirts and Cocktails Australia and CEO Greg Holland said: “We know Victorians have been doing it tough; they thoroughly deserve to get out now and enjoy their state’s iconic venues.

“Check.Check.Check will help them stay COVID-safe as they do that, which is why we’re proud to support this excellent campaign.  The hospitality sector plays a vital role within our communities and our economy as a whole, and by staying COVID-safe, we can help it rebuild and keep our venues open.”

Paul Waterson CEO of Australian Venue Co welcomed the campaign’s launch in Melbourne, saying: “The campaign has made a big difference in Sydney with punter behaviour at check-in noticeably better. People understand that they need to follow COVID rules to keep themselves safe and venues open – and this campaign has helped to bring home that message.

“As we welcome back patrons in Melbourne, it’s vital that people here follow the same pattern”.

Andy Mullins, director of Sand Hill Road Group said: “The second lockdown has been really tough on individuals and businesses alike, and we need to make 100 per cent sure that we never have to go back to those measures.

“That’s why this campaign is so important. We need the public onside to keep checking in, checking their hands and checking on their mates. Then we can keep Melbourne open for good”.

Alejandro Saravia, Executive Chef of Farmer’s Daughters and Pastuso said: “The next few months are critical for Melbourne’s industry. I am 100 per cent behind this campaign to remind our customers, the community and ourselves that we need to follow the COVID safe rules to ensure the ongoing rejuvenation of our sector. We want to be able to welcome Melburnians to experience our new venue Farmer’s Daughters, so it’s very important everyone remembers to check they are doing the right thing.”

Andy Young

Andy joined Intermedia as Editor of The Shout in 2015, writing news on a daily basis and also writing features for National Liquor News. Now Managing Editor of both The Shout and Bars and Clubs.

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