With Australian Cocktail Month in full swing, the rise of the cocktail category looks set to continue in Australian venues, led by mojitos and margaritas, according to on-premise researcher CGA.

CGA’s OPUS study, which has just launched in Australia, found that the cocktail category continues to gain significant traction in venues, with 28 per cent of Australians say they are drinking more cocktails in bars and restaurants than last year.

Almost 60 per cent of bartenders also believe that cocktails will continue to thrive in 2022.

Mojitos and Margaritas lead the way with 24 per cent of Australian cocktail drinkers enjoying these serves, with the Pina Colada (22 per cent) and the Espresso Martini (21 per cent) next in popularity.

The most common reason for choosing cocktails, say 45 per cent of consumers, is that they are seeking a treat, which aligns with the premiumisation trend being seen in the On Premise channel around the world, CGA said.

“There is no doubt that well-conceived and executed cocktails can elevate the standard spirits serve, allowing consumers to enjoy more memorable experiences and for operators to increase visit spend,” the researcher said.

“For any premium category, the path to purchase is key. Cocktail consumers enter the category in many ways, with the top two decision points being influenced through detailed menu descriptions (25 per cent) and bartender recommendations (24 per cent).”

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