Dr Michael Schaper

Dr Michael Schaper will resign as chair of the Gaming and Wagering Commission (GWC), the Government of Western Australia has revealed, less than a year into his three-year term which was announced in February this year.

As chair of the GWC, Dr Schaper is currently responsible for administering the law relating to gaming and wagering in Western Australia. Set to finish the role in February 2024, Schaper has attributed his resignation to other commitments.

The Government of Western Australia has confirmed that it will appoint a replacement chair in 2024. The independent chairperson and members of the GWC are appointed by the Racing and Gaming Minister, Paul Papalia.

Papalia has thanked Dr Schaper for his work in the role: “I would like to thank Dr Schaper for his contribution to gambling regulation during his time as chair of the Gaming and Wagering Commission.

“I am confident the good work that has been progressed will continue and I look forward to working with the GWC and its new chair in 2024.”

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