By Peter Walford, GM INTECQ (eBET, Odyssey, Astute)

Since our acquisition by Tabcorp in late 2016, there has been a significant focus to invest in new initiatives to improve our customer service offering and enhance our overall value creation model.

To identify areas of opportunity, the team conducted a deep dive into what really was important to our customers. Our research highlighted that more resources and tools needed to be developed.

Off the back of these findings, the team at eBET has introduced new initiatives to improve communication and deliver commitment through product innovation, marketing, training, support and service.

We have launched a qualitative approach in relation to focus groups throughout NSW, focusing on topics around product enhancements and the future path of our portfolio as a long-term strategy. We attached a training component with topics based on feedback received directly and FAQs generated from our call support centre. This year, we have conducted three focus groups, with that amount to triple for FY18.

We have embarked on a ‘Partnering for Success’ event series to drive engagement. This initiative educates our customers around products to market, our product roadmap and tools to assist with gaming promotions. To date, we have conducted five of these series, targeted at various segments across NSW.

The digital environment revolution continues to be at the forefront for every industry and our marketing tools for venues have been keeping pace. For our customer-facing solutions, the team has created tools to improve interaction between venue and patron that can be customised to match your venue’s brand. Another digital tool planned for release later this year, is our ‘Customer World’ platform. This will be an educational hub, populated by training resources, support and service features, marketing tools and product components. Internal and external stakeholder focus groups were used to help develop this solution.

As eBET is continuously evolving, our commitment first and foremost is to our customers and I am pleased to say the team has put in place additional steps to accelerate this.

It’s all about the future!

This year at the Australian Gaming Expo, we will launch several new products – from a surprise and delight feature through to a new KIOSK offering and a digital solution. It’s all about the future and the eBET product journey, both in the short and long term.

Come visit the team at stand 290 – I look forward to seeing you there.

Otherwise, contact us at

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