Venue Digital Technology, a new company led by former Tabcorp and Tatts Group executive, Frank Makryllos, has acquired gaming technology company eBet.

The business currently has 525 venues and 30,000 gaming machines on its books. Existing eBet team have transitioned out of previous owners, Tabcorp, and services are being transferred to the new owners. The company also has a new headquarters in Parramatta.

eBet stated that the company has four key short term focus areas. These are: ‘improving customer support’; ‘commitment to a roadmap for the development of eBet systems’ including ‘mobile wallet (cashless), digital products and hardware regeneration’; ‘further RSG, AML/CTF functionality to assist with compliance and best practice’; and ‘new solution integration and support, including third party solutions.’

Makryllos, who serves as executive director of eBet, commented on the company’s position.

“We understand that trends are changing faster than ever, so the choice of solutions and ongoing development is vital. But we also understand the frustration of dealing with a myriad of third parties which don’t talk to each other. We want to help simplify this by partnering, and tightly integrating with, solution providers who we can stand behind and support.”

Makryllos and his partners are thought to have purchased the business for $62m in September 2022.

In a video introducing the company, Makryllos also addresses the prospect of increased regulation of the gaming industry.

“I’ve been pretty close to the evolution of a lot of the regulatory change that’s going on at the moment: responsible gambling, AML (Anti-Money Laundering), all that’s in the media right now,” Makryllos says.

“We’re working really hard to ensure that we provide the solutions to ensure your business is at the forefront of those challenges. That includes cashless gaming, responsible gambling, AML, reporting, monitoring – all those things are a real focus for us.”

As the eBet transitions into this stand alone business, support contact details for existing customers will remain the same, with the Tabcorp call centre continuing to take support calls until the establishment of a new eBet-specific helpdesk. The company expects to update this information within the coming weeks.

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