Federal Group has committed to a more inclusive industry by becoming an industry partner of Women in Gaming & Hospitality Australasia (WGHA).

Federal Group is a family-owned company operating businesses in the casino, gaming, tourism, retail, hospitality and transport sectors, and it joins The Star Entertainment Group, Aristocrat, SkyCity Entertainment Group, Crown Resorts, Redcape Hotel Group, ALH Group and Christchurch Casino as WGHA industry partners.

Federal Group chief operating officer, Nick Linnett, said creating industry-leading brands is about delivering exceptional experiences for our customers.

“This means that we must have an organisation that is representative of the society that we live in.

“Organisationally, performance is fundamentally underpinned by people. Without the capacity to bring the best possible people into the team and enablement of full representation, you are playing with one hand tied behind your back.”

WGHA said partnerships like these are key to creating an inclusive industry, which will in turn ensure improved business performance, mitigate future skill shortages, and align the industry with community and customer expectations.

 “I am thrilled to have Federal Group confirm their commitment to achieving gender equity and an inclusive industry by partnering with us,” Women in Gaming & Hospitality Australasia (WGHA) director, Kim Lee.

“This is about everyone – men, women and gender diverse people. It takes all of us, and a unity of purpose, to achieve true gender equity.”

Lee said change is needed with the industry lagging behind on several key metrics for gender equality, including that only six per cent of CEO’s are women.

WGHA, a not-for-profit organisation focused on ensuring gender equity and inclusivity across gaming, gaming-related and hospitality industries, strongly supports the business case that organisations advocating inclusiveness of all genders at all management levels are more innovative, more productive, and deliver better financial performance.

According to Lee, a gender-diverse workforce assists a company to make better decisions by enabling greater diversity of thought.

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