An inevitable skills shortage

As lockdowns continue and venues remain closed, the growing skills gap across the hospitality industry widens. Skills that are normally practiced everyday and honed through on-the-job practice and coaching are fast becoming forgotten.

The need to get match ready

While there is no clarity on when venues will reopen across the country, there is a certainty that they will. To counter the skills gap and have a match fit team, investment in growing and perfecting hospitality skills could, and arguably should, be undertaken now.

Quantaco and Learn Hospo partner

Learn Hospo is a self-paced training platform with access to over 200 courses – everything from bartending skills to COVID-safe certification. In addition to developing skills, the platform provides for consistency in delivery, an increase in productivity and an opportunity to improve profitability.

Also included and critically important right now is a series of courses hosted by former Olympian Dan Collins. The Mastering an Excellent Mindset course is designed to give people the skills needed to shift the thinking towards outcomes and to overcome challenges.

Complimentary access to Learn Hospo

To assist with closing the skills gaps and to help invest in a healthy, trained workforce, Quantaco has teamed up with Learn Hospo and is offering everyone free access to the Learn Hospo platform for the duration of lockdown. 

To get complimentary access visit and follow the steps to register.


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