COVID-19 has hit Australian business owners hard. Many are asking new questions, learning new skills and operating in entirely new ways. Renowned business and strategy expert Amanda Rose has started a group for female business owners who are on this journey.

Small Business Women Australia has started 30 weeks of free online up-skilling sessions from April 15 – free training to help business women adjust to their changed landscape and strategise for success. With a private Facebook group, Amanda’s initiative seeks to connect women nationwide in a supportive community.

In this critical time, business owners need three things. First, they need new skills. Small Business Women Australia provides unique learning opportunities through Amanda’s free online up-skilling sessions. Every week, for thirty weeks, Amanda will share her best tips for business strategy and continuity – to set those Small Business Women Australia on the right path in these rocky times. Sessions will cover important issues such as; marketing, HR, accounting and finance, recruitment, branding, psychology, self improvement, building confidence, workplace culture. The Small Business Women Australia website will be packed with free resources to supplement these weekly sessions.

Secondly, business owners need support. Adjusting to new challenges is a lot of work. But, it’s a lot harder alone. Small Business Women Australia is a group for the busy, tired, overstretched business women – who feel alone. “I want to remind them, they’re not alone,” said Amanda. “We’re in this together, 100 per cent.”

Third, business owners simply need a place to laugh and connect. To keep a business’ heart beating during these changed circumstances, resilience is obviously going to be a key skill. But, how is resilience formed? It’s all about perspective and attitude. When we look at great leaders, they often have something surprising in common: they can laugh in the face of major stress. Small Business Women Australia allows members to share experiences, connecting them through times of joy and adversity. This is the kind of community which is perspective-shifting. In stressful times, business owners need a place to find answers and an excuse to laugh.

Available across Australia at zero cost, Small Business Women Australia’s next sessions will be conducted by:

  1. 22 April – Karen Howard CEO of Mediation First. Karen will be conducting a Q & A on ‘Building resilience: What can you control when everything feels out of control’?
  2. 29 April – Trenna Blair CEO of FD Global Connections. Trenna will be presenting on ‘Scaling during tumultuous times’
  3. 6 May – Sharon Williams Founder and CEO of Taurus Marketing. Sharon will be presenting on business survival tips, specifically around; marketing, personal branding, public relations and pivoting your business to a #newnormal

Small Business Women Australia group can be accessed here 

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