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Goodtime Hospitality's managing director Locky Paech has said a booming 2015 has set the group up well for expansion in 2016.

Speaking to the Australian Hotelier Annual Industry Leaders Forum, Paech said Goodtime's first foray into the hospitality market with the West Village in Petersham has so far proved successful.

Describing his assessment of 2015, Paech said: "It’s booming. Low interest rates coupled with increases in investor activity saw monumental sales in the pub sector. New groups were acquiring at pace, well known groups were divesting big assets and everything in between. 

"It was good to be a part of it and deliver a freshly renovated West Village in Petersham, in the old White Cockatoo site, to great customer feedback and response from media. We were really excited about Goodtime’s first foray in to the market and have been more than pleased with the results. We have lots planned for 2016 for the venue also."

And it's not just the West Village that Goodtime Hospitality has plans for.

Paech added: "We have lots of things happening at West Village which are ready to go but will be spread throughout the year. We are definitely looking for a new venue so fingers crossed for early 2016. 

"We would love to get one in the East, but don’t discount anywhere really. All the opportunities for a group like ours are in the suburbs. We want to steer Goodtime into new directions other than venues also. Drinks production, catering, delivery to name a few. Exciting times."

For more from Paech and other leaders in Australia's hotel industry, read the February edition of Australian Hotelier. The Annual Industry Leaders Forum features interviews with many leaders in the industry across hoteliers and suppliers.

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