Non-alcoholic beer is expected to be a fridge “must have” this summer.

Great Northern’s Lauren Fildes said its foray into the non-alcoholic beer category had been a success and demand amongst Australians for alcohol-free beer options was booming.

“We’ve been excited by the response to Great Northern Zero,” Ms Fildes said.

“Demand for Great Northern Zero is growing because more Australian drinkers want to moderate their alcohol consumption with beer alternatives that taste good.

“Great Northern is a much-loved brand plus it tastes great, making it a bankable addition to any venue’s range.

“The advantage of Zero is it features the well-known Great Northern branding and has the crisp taste of a Great Northern. The only thing missing is the alcohol.

“This festive season we anticipate demand for Zero to soar, so I’d encourage hoteliers to stock up now.”

ABS data shows Australians are increasingly moderating their alcohol intake and research released this year predicts demand for low and no alcohol beverages in ten key countries, including Australia, will continue to grow in the next five years.

“Consumers are becoming increasingly conscious of what they consume. Men and women are both seeking non-alcoholic beer with the strongest demand coming from those aged 25 to 45,” Ms Fildes said.

“Great Northern Zero is the perfect alternative for those who want to enjoy the freedom of having a cold beer with mates but still want to drive home from the pub.”

Great Northern Ambassador and Outback Wrangler, Matt Wright reckons non-alcoholic beer is a winner.

“Great Northern Zero means I can enjoy a cold beer at the pub on a hot day and still work, chase a croc or boat home.

“And the best thing is while it is non-alcoholic, it tastes like a Great Northern.”

Despite being non-alcoholic, Great Northern Zero is marketed to adults in strict accordance with the Alcohol Beverages Advertising Code.

Great Northern Zero is available in cans and bottles, six-packs or cartons of 24.

To order via CUB online –

Contact your local CUB representative for more information.

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