With sales of no and low-alcohol beer, wine and spirits soaring, and low in sugar options such as hard seltzer products going from strength to strength, it’s clear there’s still plenty of room for innovation within the space.

Lyre’s, for instance, continues to build on its existing range of non-alcoholic spirits, RTDs and sparkling wine.

Combining the margarita and mocktail trends, the company recently added two new Agave alternatives to the line-up – an Agave Blanco and Agave Reserva.

“An essential ingredient to the Margarita, the Lyre’s Agave range contains natural essences, extracts, and distillates that match the aromas, tastes, and textures you find within their alcoholic counterparts,” Lyre’s says.

“Lyre’s Agave Blanco and Agave Reserva are a meticulously crafted homage to tequila classics with a mélange of flavours, evoking notes of citrus, peppers, pine, spices, and oak.”

Another new arrival on the better-for-you scene is Saint & Sinner, a bottled hard kombucha that’s brewed locally and promises “good times without the guilt”. 

This product is low in sugar, and is gluten and preservative free, organic and has only 77 calories. It. It was born out of a Wollongong family’s desire to create something that would make people feel good drinking it – both during and after. 

Want to keep reading? Read the rest of the article below in the March issue of Australian Hotelier.

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