Momento Hospitality has today launched HelpOutHospo, an industry-wide initiative to provide financial aid for workers who are currently suffering from a loss of income.

The initiative was created by Momento Hospitality, in order to help alleviate the financial pressure not only on his own personnel that have been stood down recently, but as a way to help venue staff throughout the hospitality industry.

HelpOutHospo is a straightforward concept in which venues and their staff throughout the industry create instructional videos on dishes, drinks and related techniques that the general public can recreate at home. Current videos include how-tos on topics like classic cocktails, making brisket or pulled pork at home, and barista skills. Each video course can be purchased for the nominal fee of $10, and that money is given directly to the venue that created the video to distribute among their staff.

“We talked about our own team, but Marcello [Momento Hospitality’s CEO] wanted it to be industry wide. Let’s bring on partners with their own videos, everyone has something to offer,” said CX Director Jason Jelicich, who has been leading the project.

“If we can bring this coalition together of different venues, not only are we keeping that link with people at home, and giving them some hospitality, but we can build this fund up and distribute that to people in need.”

Getting started

Several pub and bar operators have shown a keen interest in getting involved, with Feros Group having confirmed they will take part in the initative. Jelicich is also working with supplier partners, including Brown-Forman, to build up the fund with one-off donations. In turn they can upload their own instructional videos, which when purchased will continue to top up the fund for partner venues.

To kick it off, Momento Hospitality has donated $10,000, which will be distributed among workers at their venues.

In terms of distributing funds collected by the fund, all staff from partner venues who have lost their jobs or had their hours severely restricted are eligible, and it is up to the venues to distribute the money received. Currently, a maximum of $300 can be given to any one person, so as to ensure as many people as possible can receive some financial aid for things like rent and utility bills.

In order to keep distribution of monies from HelpOutHospo to venues above board, PKF is looking after all financial reporting for the initiative.

Getting the word out there

To apprise the general public of HelpOutHospo, the team behind it has also secured the help of a few Aussie celebrities, who will promote the initiative through their social media, and will take on ambassador roles.

“With that celebrity endorsement, we expect the traction of visitation and purchases is going to skyrocket,” stated Jelicich.

The team is hoping to raise $100,000 for hospitality workers through the initiative, with the hope that by providing something of use to people currently stuck at home, they are more likely to spend money than if being asked for a straight donation.

“Fundamentally, we like the idea of the exchange. For $10 we’re going to give you some value, something that will bring some hospitality into your home.”

For more information on how your venue can get involved and begin raising money for personnel, visit the HelpOutHospo website here.

HelpOutHospo courses cover topics like mixology and cooking techniques.

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