As Sydney reopens for fully vaccinated patrons, pub group W. Short Hospitality has celebrated a special re-opening milestone with the unveiling of a restored and renamed Redfern pub.  

The historical neighbourhood pub, which operated for more than 100 years until 1990, has just undergone its final phase of restoration and reopened last Friday.

The latest stage of the restoration has focused on the ground floor, which will become a new public bar after trading for several years as a retail space. Upstairs is Misfits, a cocktail bar and lounge with casual dining that was transformed in the first stage of the renovation. The building, which houses both venues, is called The Redfern.

The Redfern’s façade has been transformed with contemporary, teal-coloured tiles and stained timber frames around windows that open to both Redfern and George Streets.

Misfits has already carved out a niche in the neighbourhood, according to W. Short Hospitality managing director Jen Russell.  “Misfits is a really fun vibey space that has really grown and evolved over the last few years and is a real favourite in the area.”

The two venues are connected through a series of internal and external stairways and entrances, and can also be accessed separately, she said.

“It’s been all-hands-on-deck trying to get everything up and running and adding the finishing touches. We’re proud of what we’ve created and we’re really proud to open on Friday with an amazing offer,” Russell said.

“To restore The Redfern back to its former glory – having been a pub for so long and then a retail space – was an exciting opportunity for us as we love the pub and we love Redfern.”

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