Thanks to new functionality launched last year, cash donations for flood victims can now be made via the CashConnect ATM Plus network at participating hospitality venues.

Banktech, which owns and operates the 2,500-strong CashConnect ATM network, pioneered the donation functionality which allows patrons to make cash donations to charities.

The functionality is currently proving useful for groups like the Salvation Army which is currently raising funds for victims of the recent floods in NSW and QLD.

The Bligh Park Hotel in north-western Sydney is one venue that’s especially keen to support the flood appeal given how many locals have been impacted by the floods.

“Many of our regulars have been left devastated by the recent floods and we’re keen to help where we can by encouraging donations to the Salvos Flood Appeal,” Bligh Park Hotel’s owner Dan O’Hara says. 

“We’ve always had an ATM, but now with the new donation functionality enabled, we can offer everyone a very easy way to make a cash donation.”

The donation transaction is quick and easy and no card is required. Users just touch the screen and select Donations. They then select their preferred charity and insert their cash – notes only. To get an electronic receipt, users can enter a phone number or they can wait for a paper receipt/tax invoice.

Blacktown Workers Club is also throwing its support behind the flood appeal. As one of the first venues to turn on the donation functionality on its existing CashConnect ATM Plus, the venue plans to promote the appeal heavily amongst the membership.

Morgan Stewart, CEO of Blacktown Workers, says the key to collecting donations is to make it easy, especially for people who prefer to use cash. “We’re pleased to be able to offer this easy donation option to our members and patrons.”

David Collinson (Major), NSW Public Relations Secretary for the Salvation Army says a lot of people still prefer to donate with cash instead of online, so providing a handy cash collection point like the ATM Plus at a pub or club is a good idea. 

“We’re grateful to venues such as the Bligh Park Hotel and Blacktown Workers Club who are happy to provide the ATM donation facility.”

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