Along with the change of season comes a new trend in consumer habits. With the number of on-premise visits increasing over the last few months, adding a hot buttered rum or a mulled wine to your menu could pay off.

The Australia Consumer Pulse Report from CGA has seen a spike in the search for more experimental drinks and winter-themed cocktails among consumers. Taking a deep dive into the effects of seasonality on drinking habits, the report found an increase in the number of consumers visiting venues since last month. For those who are offering a range of experimental winter-themed cocktails or a casual dining experience, winter appears to be warming up.

James Phillips, Client Solutions Director – ANZ, said: “It’s easy to think summer is the season where the on-premise thrives, but our report shows how the winter season holds huge potential for brands, suppliers and operators looking to capitalise on offerings that aren’t as popular in the summertime.”

“Understanding the changing seasonal nuances is the key to year-round on-premise success. CGA’S On-Premise User Study (OPUS) can help maximise on-premise potential by providing channel, occasion type, and category insights to help you build a winning wintertime on-premise strategy.”

The Australian Consumer Pulse Report, which delves into consumer intelligence, identified a pattern in consumers who are looking to treat themselves. More than half of consumers are going out more frequently, with nine out of 10 planning food-led visits. The report discovered that casual meals and dining experiences are currently the most frequented occasion types, with diners looking for a relaxed experience over the colder winter months.

As well as more food-led visits, seasonality changes have led to an increased desire for more experimental drinks options. The report noted that hot drinks are consumed more frequently by 37 per cent of consumers over the winter period, with 42 per cent of consumers choosing to order cocktails.

As consumers search for a more experimental offering, suppliers and operators have the opportunity to collaborate on a whole range of winter-themed cocktails and hot drinks. Whether it’s a classic hot toddy or a winter whisky sour, mixing up your seasonal drinks menu might just bring the heat this winter.

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