With its last on tap release in 2004, Launceston brewery James Boag has a new addition to its draught lineup with the St George 3.5, a mid-strength version of the original St George beer.

The brewery’s last draught release was the full-strength St George, which was discontinued in 2011. Since the 2019 re-introduction of the full-strength St George, the beer has been receiving positive responses, according to Lion’s Tasmanian State Sales Manager, John Burchill.

“People were loving the liquid and loving the brand, the Boag’s St George Brand. Off the back of that, a lot of our customers were saying, ‘This is going really well for us. We’re having a lot of consumers move into mid-strength, have you thought of doing a mid-strength option?’ Essentially, it was listening to our customers,” he said.

Venues across Tasmania will be trialling the new St George 3.5, providing a locally-brewed option for Tasmanian mid-strength drinkers.

“We were also seeing that shift with consumers wanting to drink something local. We said, ‘Do we consider trying to import something that is already around?’ It was important for us for it to be brewed out of our brewery here in Tasmania.

“James Boag is synonymous with Tasmania, it’s fantastic to add another great brew to our already impressive lineup. The introduction of St George 3.5 underscores our commitment to answering the evolving preferences of beer drinkers. Every drop of Boag’s St George 3.5 will be brewed in our brewery in Launceston,” Burchill said.

Currently available on tap in a range of Tasmanian venues, the product has already received a positive response.

“Excitingly, we’re already receiving fantastic feedback from consumers and customers alike and look forward to many more Tasmanians enjoying a Boag’s St George 3.5,” Burchill said.

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