Leading the industry with a wealth of knowledge and experience, Lancer takes pride in being the first choice for many venues around the ANZ market looking to install or service beer dispensing products.

This global brand aims to provide venue owners with innovative and practical solutions for their dispensing needs, tailoring the system to the specific requirements of each location. Lancer Beer Systems utilises innovative technology to create the perfect dispensing solution for your venue.

The brand’s extensive range of quality products, paired with their knowledgeable staff, means that its equipment can be found in a variety of venues throughout the country. From Australia’s largest stadiums, to smaller pubs, clubs, restaurants, and bars, Lancer ensures quality dispensing of all products.

Lancer specialises in creating an array of bespoke founts that are not only functional and durable but are artistic masterpieces that are bound to blend in and beautify any venue’s interior. From keg to the glass, the brand fully comprehends what is needed to create a successful and exceptional venue.

Innovation and quality are at the core of everything Lancer Beer Systems does and is undisputedly its two founding pillars of success. In a highly competitive industry like the brewing industry, second best is not an option. Its team of experienced researchers, engineers and designers are in constant contact with the brand’s various stakeholders, from leading venues and entities, to ensure that its portfolio of products is continuously modified and developed to meet today’s market demands.

The brand’s innovative and state-of-the-art founts come in multiple shapes and designs, including Single Founts to Whale Tail, Dual Side and Brooklyn. Our comprehensive portfolio of fount styles can be viewed here.

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