Lewis Land Group staff at the company's first awards event.

In a major celebration of its staff after two years of disruptions, Lewis Land Group has dished out $25,000 worth of prizes in the company’s first awards ceremony.

In addition to $25,000 worth of prizes, the garden-themed event recognised its staff with food trucks, cocktails, live music, arcade games, photo booths and a pop-up silent disco tent provided by its venue partners.

The organisation flew and accommodated 41 Queensland staff members to join their NSW colleagues at The Fiddler and the Camden Valley Inn, whilst also partially closing both Sydney venues to allow as many staff to come as possible.

The awards spanned 19 categories, including Employee of the Year, Bartender of the Year, Chef of the year and the People’s Choice Award.

The prizes ranged from a $5000 travel voucher to visit Hamilton Island, a Samsung TV, a $3000 travel voucher to visit the St Hubert’s Winery in Victoria, and Red Balloon vouchers and other experiences.

“Last night, we were finally able to celebrate our staff the way we have wanted to and the way they all deserve to be,” said Brad Jenkins, Head of Leisure at Lewis Land Group.

“We are so pleased to be in the position to celebrate and reward our staff after the last few years working in hospitality. We haven’t been able to treat our staff to a Christmas Party since 2019, so we wanted to say thank you in a very big way.”

At the beginning of the year, Lewis Land Group also ran a $30,000 T Cross car giveaway to reward and engage staff and combat staff shortages during the busy Christmas period.

The initiative proved incredibly successful in attracting talent, according to the group, whilst helping to keep people working and positive in an ever-changing environment.

“Lewis Land Group continues to put our people first, as we understand our venues would simply not operate without them, and we want to reward them for their hard work and dedication throughout the years,” Jenkins said.

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