Parent company Mantle Group has responded to ex-employee allegations that the Pig ‘N’ Whistle pub chain has been underpaying its workers.

An ex-employee of Pig ‘N’ Whistle has alleged to News Corp that the business would take any imbalances of the till out of their wages, or if a customer left without paying their bill. Declan Langlands, who worked as part of the front-of-house staff for the business, claimed that it hadn’t only happened to him, but to all floor staff where there were imbalances in the day’s takings.

Since Langland’s claims were made, other ex-staff of the Pig ‘N’ Whistle have come forth to allege that they were paid below award, and not paid for working overtime.

A Mantle Group spokesperson has since responded to the claims made in the News Corp articles, stating that the claims are being made by a few ex-staff from on particular venue.

“The Group has employed many thousands of people over its 40-year history. Mantle Group is proud of its team members who provide excellent customer service across its many bars and restaurants.”

“Staff are paid correctly in accordance with Mantle Group’s current Certified Agreement. There are a number of staff who are paid more than the rates set by the current Certified Agreement.”

The statement also outlined that no introductory level employees work alone and unsupervised, and that rosters are created to ensure that appropriately qualified and licensed managers are on site at all times.

“Mantle Group values its treasured staff and continues to enjoy a high rate of staff retention in an often transitory industry.”

Mantle Group employs 800 people across its venues, which includes six Pig ‘N’ Whistle pubs across Queensland, as well as several other hospitality brands and outlets.

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