This weekend (Saturday 11 March) will see the opening of the latest Totti’s venue, described as ‘Totti’s on holiday’, inside the Lorne Hotel in Victoria. 

The venue will be the fifth Totti’s restaurant to open, and the first outside of the brand’s hometown of Sydney. 

The Totti’s concept was created by Merivale Executive Chef Mike Eggert, and the Lorne location will be overseen by local executive chef Matt Germanchis – who will pair Totti’s signature dishes (including the famous woodfired bread) with local seafood. 

Eggert commented on the venue’s opening, describing the Lorne menu. 

“We’re stoked that Totti’s is finally opening in Lorne for Victorians to enjoy. We’ve crafted a menu that combines Matt’s expertise in local seafood with classic Totti’s dishes allowing you to pick and choose depending on your mood – whether that’s a bite to eat after a day at the beach alongside a glass of local wine or a selection of dishes for a long afternoon with friends and family. We can’t wait to welcome you.”

Image credit: Steve Woodburn.

Germanchis has had a particular focus on the venue’s speciality dessert menu, which will include Totti’s tiramisu, banana splits, chocolate torte, and a classic affogato, alongside the chef’s proprietary gelato recipe. 

“I’ve loved seeing all the local support since announcing the opening of Totti’s Lorne and we’re excited to welcome locals and visitors to experience the very best seafood and produce that our beautiful region has to offer,” Germanchis said. 

Design was handled by Kelvin Ho from Akin Creative, working closely with Merivale leadership Justin Hemmes, Bettina Hemmes and stylist Amanda Talbot. 

“The Lorne Hotel is an incredible building with a deep connection to the community and history of Lorne,” Ho said. 

“We were inspired by the warmth and eclecticism of the local architecture and have looked to create a place that is a nod to the 70s but with a distinctive Totti’s outlook. 

“Chequered cork floors, sorbet terrazzo and terracotta, soft arches and aged copper fireplaces …think Totti’s on holiday,” he said. 

Totti’s Lorne will open at midday on Saturday, 11 March. 

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