Momento Foundation, the charity run by Momento Hospitality, has donated $246,000 to a research project being conducted by Macquarie University into drinking culture in Australia.

Led by Dr Leanne Carter and Associate Professor Cynthia Webster, the research will investigate the changing attitudes towards binge drinking in Australia and how to reduce harmful consumption practice, particularly in adolescents.

Currently, an estimated 54.1 per cent of Australian youth have tried an alcoholic beverage by 12 years-old, with this number increasing to 80.9 per cent by 15, and 90.9 per cent by 17 years-old. Research has shown that binge drinking in adolescence predicts heavier alcohol consumption and poor health later in life.

With education a critical factor in influencing under-age alcohol consumption, this new research project aims to:

  • Research current educational tools being used to inform adolescents about the harms of alcohol consumption.
  • Evaluate at what ages receiving alcohol education has the most effective and positive outcomes.
  • Identify the drivers behind binge-drinking in youth.
  • Increase the awareness of consequences to binge drinking.
  • Develop and test an educational program with a view to expand it across New South Wales.

Momento Hospitality CEO, Marcello Colosimo stated that he was pleased to partner the foundation with Macquarie University’s research on this hot-button issue.

“This is such an important issue and if we can come away from this with a pathway to help change the binge drinking culture in Australia, society will be a better place. We are hoping to change the cause rather than treat the problem.”

Momento Foundation has raised money for several important causes in the last year, including contributing $50,000 apiece to the Lisa Harnum Foundation in support of domestic abuse victims; and to the University of Technology Sydney to aid teaching programs and assist disadvantaged students in need of assistance. The foundation has also funded the acquisition of critical medical equipment Paediatric Intensive Care Unit at The Children’s Hospital in Westmead.


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