AllStars at Bella Vista Hotel is an American-themed sports bar

Since opening the Bella Vista Hotel in Sydney’s northwest in 2012, Momento Hospitality has owned a large warehouse space behind the pub. With such a large space to make the most out of, it had always been Gino Colosimo’s dream to open a dedicated sports bar within that warehouse to complement Bella Vista Hotel’s other offerings. Six years later and that dream was realised with the opening of AllStars.

Evoking an arena atmosphere with its high ceilings and sheer space as opposed to what Australian sports bars tend to offer, AllStars is more akin to those in the US. As manager of the space, Colosimo says that Momento Hospitality wanted to give locals of The Hills region a premium sports-viewing option.

“The Hills has such an avid sports following, so we wanted to give locals the chance to take their sportsviewing experience to the next level.

“While we all love watching the footy on the couch in our trackies, sports are better watched in a crowd, so we wanted to create a space that would facilitate this.”

The aesthetic of the space is simple, yet refined. It encompasses dark wood-panelled walls; leather booths; and a mix of marble-topped high and low tables in the middle of the space. The sports bar also houses a whopping 97 LCD screens with 4K resolution in a variety of sizes, so that regardless of where in the venue patrons are sitting, they have a good view of what they’re watching – not to mention a massive selection of sports to watch at any one time.

Capping off viewing experience is a 360˚ four-screen hanging fixture in the middle of the room, which is an ode to watching a New York Knicksgame at Madison Square Garden.

“The space is really reminiscent of an American basketball arena, so we wanted to continue this theme and transport patrons to the US. If you’ve ever attended an American sports game, you’ll be familiar with the electric stadium atmosphere. We want to bring that vibe to The Hills,” explains Colosimo.

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