A new Centralised Monitoring System (CMS) begins operations today, for all hotels and clubs in New South Wales with EGMs.

The new system is run by Liquor & Gaming NSW, and connects all gaming machines in the state. It allows for real-time monitoring of gaming activity and data collection.

Susan Bray, executive director of regulatory operations at L&G NSW, said the CMS will also make make it easier for venues to maintain their regulatory obligations and alert them to any foul play.

“The system calculates taxes payable on gaming machine revenues and has high-tech functionality to detect potential issues with machine integrity as well as signs of money laundering and fraud.

“It will enable Liquor & Gaming NSW to maintain the highest possible monitoring and compliance standards and ensure the integrity of gaming machine operations throughout NSW.”

Following a competitive tender process, Maxgaming Pty Ltd was awarded the licence to deliver the new CMS for the next 15 years, while Envoy Advanced Technologies Pty Ltd has been retained to provide project management and technical advisory services.

Liquor & Gaming developed the new CMS in collaboration with venues, industry bodies. Maxgaming and Envoy, and has stated that it will continue to collaborate with all stakeholders on improvements as the system begins operation.

More information on the Centralised Monitoring System can be found on the Liquor & Gaming NSW website, here.

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