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After a fantastic day of fresh ideas and innovations at the Pub Leaders Summit, Nightlife Music launched one more at the Pub Leaders Summit after-party – crowdDJ®.

In a new partnership with Spotify, Nightlife Music’s crowdDJ® is the modern version of a jukebox. The product allows in-venue patronage to control the music selection directly. Pub patrons can choose directly from a venue’s licensed library of Spotify tracks, either from an in-house kiosk, or from the crowdDJ® app.

Kate Vale, managing director of Spotify Australia and New Zealand, said, “crowdDJ® is an exciting new technology and best-in-class use of our API, designed to enrich and personalise your music experience from home to venue.”

“People invest many hours into discovering, curating, and listening to music on our platform. crowdDJ® gives those same people the ability to be the DJ, and listen to their fave tunes with friends in a public venue. We‘re thrilled to support such an innovative collaboration and believe music fans across Australia will fall in love with it.”

The crowdDJ® kiosk has been installed at Beer DeLuxe King St Wharf, where the Pub Leaders Summit after-party was held, and delegates had fun picking the music and controlling the mood of the event.

Attending the after-party and product launch, Nightlife Music CEO, David O’Rourke explained the appeal of crowdDJ® for customers and venues alike

“We’re trying to reinvent consumer engagement. So for everyone in pubs, everyone in music, what we’re trying to do is make experiences richer for people when they go to a venue.

“Our goal is getting people to stay in venues longer, getting them to buy the third or fourth drink. Getting them to choose music from kiosks like this and from apps, so that their night starts to be guided by the experiences they can have.”

O’Rourke continued, suggesting that basic principles guide the aims of crowdDj®.

“Everything you heard today at Pub Leaders – all of that centred around how to make your customers a part of the experience. How do you do something that holds people longer? How do you do something that makes people spend more money? Music is one of those things, visuals are one those things that will help your venue to do that.”

crowdDJ® is already operating in 250 venues nationally, and is expected to be in 1000 venues by Spring 2016.

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