Non-alcoholic spirits maker Lyre’s launched in March with 13 SKUs seeking to revolutionise the alcohol-free cocktail market with their replacement take on bourbon, rum, gin and others.

Now their distributors Swift & Moore has revealed their wholesale stockists to the pub trade.

These are:

  • ALM (across NSW, NT, QLD, SA, VIC and WA)


  • NSW: ALM, Paramount, Gateway, Capital Liquor, Independent Liquor Group and Global Brands Liquor.
  • QLD: Liquid Speciality Beverages and Independent Liquor Group.
  • SA/NT: Bid Food and Paramount.
  • VIC/TAS: Paramount.
  • WA: Liquid Mix.

Pioneered by Mark Livings of Kinetic Marketing and his business partners Mick Hall and Carl Hartmann, the trio founded Zero Proof and spent two years working on developing the range and in particular making sure of the quality and authenticity of the drinks they are bringing to market.

“We’ve been working on this almost as long as Seedlip has been around,” Livings told TheShout. “It’s taken us over two years to perfect the recipes we’ve used to create these. We didn’t know if what we were attempting to do was possible, and we were adamant we wouldn’t release it if we weren’t proud of the contents of the bottle as a viable alternative.”

Unlike Seedlip, which is a gin-style product, Lyre’s has the wider range and Livings said that what the team really wanted to bring to market was a system of drinks that are friendly to bartenders and consumers.

“Our guiding principles were: can we help bartenders make classics, and their own favourite cocktails, and to make a non-alcoholic version, all they’d need to do is reach for a single bottle. That was our principle.”

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