In today’s tech savvy world, no venue can afford to lag behind, if you do your business just won’t survive.  For Bepoz Point of Sale this means supporting our customers and providing innovative tools to help them grow with confidence.  Working with venues to open new sales channel, help build a brand recognition and foster genuine customer loyalty has been key to how we have created our customer engagement offering. The introduction of the suite of website sales and marketing tools to Bepoz Point of Sale, provides yet another way for venues to drive sales and acquire new customers.

Creating new opportunities for your business with gift certificates, event ticketing or taking your promotional vouchers online opens the door to new sales channels and customer satisfaction. 

Bepoz POS web-addons provides venues with the option to introduce ezegift, ezetix, ezevouchers and membership joinup to its marketing strategy.  All addons are seamlessly incorporated to existing websites and fully integrated with Bepoz POS. They provide simplicity in harnessing growth for any marketing program wanting to embrace website and social media platforms.

The ability to create and build connections with regular and new customers is important for any venue, gift certificates or online promotional vouchers can offer big benefits to business owners.   Taping into these new consumer purchasing behaviours in a positive way can certainly help grow your business.

EzeGift certificates are designed to create a personalised touch with messaging and direct emailing to recipients, avoiding the impersonalised feeling sometimes associated with gift certificates and online vouchers.

Ezevouchers create new experiences for your patrons, enticing them with promotional vouchers to be redeemed during quieter business times or tempting regulars to try something different is just one advantage of online vouchering.

EzeTix – Drive ticket sales to all your events via online channels or social media.  Highly targeted facebook posts to an audience linked to ezetix can help streamline this process.

EzeJoin – Membership signup has never been easier with membership registration now available online or via an in-house app.  Convenient paperless signup avoids data entry errors and is imported and validated directly into Bepoz Point of Sale.

The Bepoz suite of Web Addons are fully customised and branded to your requirements, they are managed through one centralised dashboard and are fully integrated and support by Bepoz Point of Sale.

There are many advantages to be gained by increasing your omni marketing to included online sales.  Bepoz Point of Sale is at the forefront of providing customers with a complete Point of Sale solution, providing any hospitality business with a 360 view and understanding of their business.  Our fully integrated Point of Sale support products like MyPlace – Loyalty App, Snapshots – Reporting app, YourOrder – Online ordering or the Web-Addons discussed here are all part of the in-house developed Bepoz Point of Sale Suite.

For a full featured demo on all the Bepoz functionalities call James Verlaque, National Sales Director Bepoz today on 0426 227 040 or visit for more general information.

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